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Olufinke OlasodeIt is not that young people are not gifted, smart or creative. It is that majority that has not been reconciled with their embedded uniqueness. There is need to deliberately provide them with a neutral sphere for self-awareness early and continuously, help them stay in the moment and discover what they love, guide them to build leading skills and encourage them to do whatever they want to do with conviction and integrity.

Our insightful programme operates a participatory learning approach with participant-friendly kinesthetic activities styled to fit the specific context of our target community.

Honestly I tried to make this sound social, but then honestly, God gave specific task(s)/talent(s) to everyone. Amazingly, He gave abilities/potentials accordingly for optimum delivery and profitability. All that man needs to do is….fix it!

You are a specification for a specific.

Olufunke Olasode
Board President – PDEO INITIATIVE

Target Audience

Our target groups are adolescents and young adults of age 14-24; this community cuts across evolving rooms of in and out of school; our message and tactics are context fit.


A colourful world of exceptional people thriving in specific purposes.


To provide developmental training and activities that will guide young Nigerians including vulnerable individuals towards self-awareness and actualization aimed to become their specific greatness.

our Programmes

Emerge Program for vulnerable women


This training category is strategically built for vulnerable women which are sexually exploited and sex trafficked. The Emerge programme works to bring these women back to Nigeria, and currently working in Russia.

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Spark Project - for scondary schools


A strategically developed training for the senior secondary school students as they are in the phase of starting to make certain life decisions such as what to do next after school leaving certificate...

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Orient Program for undergraduates


Strategically put together mixture of spark & push system. This provides undergraduates with master classes on personal development, entrepreneurship orientation, business development training, mentorship...

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our volunters


There is no way good enough to appreciate all our volunteers. They have been a creative spark in all our activities, working selflessly to help create a better society for all.

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