Our Programmes

The human is strategically encoded, yet he remains ordinary until he gets dissatisfied with the ordinary and strategically become all that he could - Olufunke Olasode, Board President PDEO INITIATIVE

Our programme encompasses insightful curricular and operates a participatory learning approach with participant-friendly kinesthetic activities, practical engagement styled to fit specific context of our target group.


Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Skills

We provide two weeks packed insightful skills, activities and the neutral space which adolescents and young adults need for self-exploration, understanding who they are, their embedded treasures and abilities, how they can be better as well as effective interactions and boldness for leading and helping others lead.

YOU-Discovery Mentorship

Our two weeks one-on-one mentorship is a self-discovery and personal life reflective drills on key assets and constraints. It carefully and extensively details on diverse kinds of human assets including physical assets, mental assets, behavioral, network and support system, experiential and Interest. And also proffers strategic action steps for personal growth.

Community service & Internship

Our three weeks practical engagement is a neutral but strategic exposure to practical responsibility, inculcates service value with intrinsic motivations and rewards. Participants are given the opportunity to volunteer and serve as interns in entrepreneurial start-ups and organizations. This puts into consideration target group’s calendar and residential zones. We are mindful of guiding you for the specific you.

Entrepreneurship Orientation

Our entrepreneurial master classes are delivered by real time young doers and are context styled across the evolving rooms of our target group. The programme helps understand the art of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, developing business ideas, knowledge of business planning and business model and other basics that are essential to the success of delivering your uniqueness.

Film and Documentary

Our insightful film and documentary sessions are a condimental part of our training to further build an informed leader who will make better decisions. It is wrapped with interactive session moderated by mentors.


  • Focus group discussion, invitation of sex trafficked victims for training
  • Two days Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills training
  • One week one-on-one emotional intelligence mentorship, girl’s decision to return to Nigeria
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  • Selection of school, acceptance of training, registration into program, establishment of PDEO Club into the school extra curriculum activities
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills training
  • YOU-Discovery mentorship
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  • Selection of tertiary institution, acceptance of program by tertiary institution
  • A-day master class on personal development and entrepreneurial orientation
  • Enrolment and pairing of willing students for one week strategic mentorship
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